interview with Natasha Wood owner of Brushed Up Nails

HEY GORGEOUS PEOPLE! Welcome to my blog. A few weeks ago I shared the launch of a new series on my channel where I interview local business and brands in my area or surrounding areas to get the inside scoop about the business.

I try to search and interview brands or business that offer something unique, like this brand called Brushed Up Nails. This business is owned by Natasha Wood who specializes in non toxic nail care and nail artistry. I love that this brand is non toxic and I wanted to find out more. All the inside scoop about this brand is available in my latest interview down below.

In this video we are talking business, entrepreneurship (the good the bad and the ugly.) Of course the non toxic nail life and more. I hope that you guys enjoy this video and I hope to bring you more unique brands and conversation.


Mother's Day Gift IDEAS

Mother's day is approaching and often times our mothers can be some of the pickiest people to get gifts for. I know my mom is a tough cookie to stop for. I Usually  give her money or buy her favorite perfume. These days I want to get more creative. I decided to provide myself and my readers some cool, creative gift ideas for mom that will make her feel beautiful. 


Something creative that I thought of was to give mom an at home spa that she can do herself. Sometimes we don't feel like leaving our homes to go to the salon so giving mom a nice gift bag or basket that includes shampoos, bath wash and a few relaxing agents is sure to make mom smile. This gift set by woman to woman naturals is a cool way to allow mom a nice way to pamper herself without leaving home. it comes with a bath bomb, shampoo, conditioner and a natural bath soap bar. This invigorating set is sure to be an essential to creating a nice at home relaxing setting for mom. Simple add some candles flowers and its the perfect scene. Below i've listed a few cost effective flower bouquet options as well as candles. 


I love flowers, they always make me smile and brighten up my day. I'm sure that moms all around the world will also love receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. This can be the full gift if you're on a budget accompanied by a thoughtful card and maybe a candle, or it can be combined with a sample pamper kit like the one shown above from woman to woman naturals. 

Mom's are all about remaining youthful and keeping up with their beauty. Products like the Kopari body care dream kit are two products that will keep mom looking young and fresh. Also adding the Kopari coconut body glow is just the perfect glow formula to give mom that youthful glow. 

Give Mom That Glow

I hope that you found this post insightful and I hope that you all get your mom something special and make her feel loved. Happy Mother's Day!!!

My Fav Spring Lip Colors

Hey Loves, welcome to my blog. Spring is in the air, well allegedly. It seems like on the east coast madam nature is a bit confused lol. None the less the show must go on. I'm sharing my favorite lip colors for spring in my latest video and I hope that you all enjoy it. All the lip information is listed below. 

My go to spring makeup look

As most of my readers already know, I like a to keep my makeup super natural. There is nothing like having a fresh looking face and the ability to fool people into thinking that your skin is super flawless when the gag is that you have makeup on. Below is my updated makeup routine for spring. This routine is simple fresh and easy to put together for spring. 

Products used:

With the Shea Moisture I have to mic two colors the light and medium in order to get my shade. 

My hair pre poo routine

HEY loves, welcome to my blog. For today's post I'm sharing how I pre poo my hair. Pre poo-ing hair is the process of combining oils and conditioner into the hair before shampooing. I find that this makes for a seamless shampoo process and I love the outcome. Below is a video showing exactly how I pre poo my hair. I've also placed the different type of oils that I use. These oils work nicely for my hair but do your best to try and find oils that work best for your hair. Please keep in mind that you can use any rinse out conditioner that works best for your hair. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope that you return soon. 

Bright Eyes With Olehenricksen

Hey loves, I was gifted the latest banana bright eye cream by Olehenricksen. This eye cream is meant to highlight under you eyes in the same way your banana powder highlights under your eyes. This cream also firms, improves concealer wear and instantly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Let me know your thoughts, do you think this under eye cream could replace your banana powder? 

Radiant Skin With DermaE

Hey Loves, welcome to my blog. For today's beauty Tuesday post I'm sharing my first impression of these new procuts that I am trying from DermaE. I'm really happy because I've struggled with acne since a tween going from product to product, and finally, Finally!!! I've cleared up my skin. Now that my skin is clear I'm left with harsh marks and damage. I'm trying to reverse this damage and even out my skin tone. These new products from dermaE are helping me do just that. You can view my first impression video of all the products I'm currently using from to find the exact products I'm using please see the buttons below. 

Utilize a few beauty favs in more than one way.

Hey loves, welcome to my blog. For today's beauty tuesday post, I'm sharing ways in which I utilize my favorite beauty products in more than one way. I hope that you enjoy this video. I didn't post any product details since you are able to use your own favorite products in the same way. If you do need information on any of the products shown, please don't hesitate to comment below.         

A simple makeup routine using 7 products or less

Does she really have makeup on? Yes hunny I do! I love super natural makeup so I created this quick natural makeup look using seven products or less. Seven products still sounds like a lot, but believe me it's nothing. I've seen other youtubers create natural makeup looks using over seven products. In this video I actually only used six products. I hope you all enjoy this video. Comment and let me know what you think. All comments are welcome even the critiques, so don't be afraid to be honest.   

Products Used

Fresh Face With Olehenriksen Double Cleanser

After a long day of wearing makeup. I keep my flace clean and fresh with the Olehenricksen double cleanser. I really love this cleanser removes my makeup with ease. 

My Tip: When using this product, wet the wash cloth. In the video I removed the makeup with a dry wash cloth but wetting the cloth in addition to wetting your face will make for an even more seamless cleanse. See the video below to view the process and to hear my feedback. 


BeautyTuesday: Wash Day With Eprouvage

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. For today's beauty Tuesday post, I'm washing my hair with hydrating and conditioning products from I'm really excited to utilize this brands products for the first time. I used products from èprouvage @eprouvage to wash my hair this past weekend. I actually really love the products because they containactive plant cells such as blue Lilly for anti aging and skin balancing properties to slow down the aging process. Includes ingredients such as French oak which neutralizes free radicals and reduces the affect of stress on the hair. The shampoo tames frizz, increases resistance to breakage, in all promoting growth. The conditioner gently detangles without weighing down the hair, making the hair more manageable. Right now you can save 40% off site wide using code: SPRING40 starting 4/28-5/15 I recommend the products even on natural hair, so head over to and stock up now. #sponsored #eprouvage#eprouvagegrowth

Beauty Tuesday: Haircare advice with Ebony of Majestic Hair Studio

Hey Gorgeous, welcome back to my blog. I wanted to share a quick overview about today's post. I wanted a bit of my change to my hair, about three weeks ago I decided to go get a silk press at  a salon called majestic hair in NYC. I've been looking for a beautician to really help me understand and care for my hair. Surprisingly, I found Ebony and majestic hair studio via instagram and decided to try her out. I'm so glad that I did because she is very knowledgeable about haircare and gave me valuable tips for better length retention, and valuable advice of how to specifically care for my hair texture. Ebony really knows her stuff! I suggest  paying her a visit if you are in the NJ-NYC area. I also hope that this video also gives a little insight and knowledge, especially to woman with a kinky hair texture like mine. 

Products Used:

Beauty Tuesday: Go from basic to baddie

I like to keep beauty simple. For my latest beauty Tuesday post I've created a simple makeup look that is easy to achieve and will surely ny enhance your already beautiful features. I normally don't wear much eye shadow but for this look I did add a bit of green to my waterline. I liked how the green made my eyes pop and how it paired well with the look. 

Product List: 

Beauty Tuesday: My Contour-Highlight Routine

For today's beauty tuesday post. I'm sharing my contour and highlight routine. All beauty related posts are posted every Tuesday via my website or on my instagram at elizabethrhonda #beautytuesday. 

Contour-Highlight Products Used:

To Contour:

To Highlight:

To Set and Correct:

To Set And Bake:

Thank you for visiting my blog, stay Blessed. 

Beauty Tuesday: Never waste a green tea bag again!

It's beauty Tuesday and I've put together a simple video showing two ways in which one can exfoliate using a green tea bag or the contents within the green tea bag. 

My skin has been a bit rough over the past few months. I've been using a green tea exfoliating process to help remove the dead skin from my face. This process has also been helping to clear my skin and keep it glowing. All I do is steep my favorite green tea. I take the green tea bag and remove the green tea herbs, and I exfoliate

The Process: I cut open the tea bag and mix the green tea herbs with my soap, then I exfoliate. This process has been really helping my skin look brighter. I do this every other day. It's a really effective and inexpensive exfoliator. Try it and let me know how you like this. 

I also use the green tea leaves to exfoliate my lips. I simply mix the leaves with my favorite oil mainly coconut oil or if I don't have any oil, I use blistex. I rub my lips with the mixture until smooth.

Benefits of green tea:
Green Tea contains a high amount of antioxidants as well as enzymes, amino acids, and phytochemicals like polyphenols. It also has B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium and caffeine. These content help the skin greatly see more remedies here: