A season of being alone

I've always been a loner since I can remember. I find peace being alone mostly out of fear of being hurt. I feel that if I'm alone, then no one can hurt me. It's never a good place to stay. This particular season of being alone comes from just remaining free of romantic relationships. I'm about to get real personal and share something that only close friends know. I'm only sharing this because I view my readers as extended family and I plan to discuss this situation more, so here it goes....

I recently got out of my two year marriage. The marriage itself is another story to tell, but getting out of that marriage has made me the happiest that I've ever been. I feel free, but I also feel somewhat eager to jump into being in a new relationship (don' ask thats for another post lol). 

As my therapist drilled into my head, she said, "it's not wise to jump into something after exiting one thing." She also said that it's important for me to take time for myself, which is very true. Rushing into another relationship will only make me overthink, essentially make me crazy and push my partner away. This is the time for me to focus on myself; and I like this. Right now it's all about me, and taking my time to grow, love myself and crush all of my goals. 

It's important for us to establish ourselves as individuals and gain a sense of self before we enter into a romantic relationship. I do have a man that I would love to be with but I know right now is not the right time for us. This is the time for me to actually live and experience what life has to offer, before settling down again (this time, with the right man). As for now, I'm content with this season of being alone and I feel very happy.

Always look for the beauty in being alone and finding yourself. Eventually the right partner will come along and you will be ready for him or her. 

Stay Blessed <3