Be the woman of your own dreams.

I was romantically involved with a man and he kept saying, "I can’t wait to find the woman of my dreams and live life.” At first that made me wonder, was I the woman of his dreams. Then I redirected my thinking and started to focus on being the woman of my own dreams and what that looked like. For me the characteristics of my dream woman would be: strong, confident, secure, calm, cool, fun to be around, self-assured, motivating, beautiful inside and out. She's also a woman who is able to walk away from things that no longer have her best interest at heart. She is a woman who realizes that her body, soul, and mind are valuable and meant only for those who will truly cherish the Queen that she is. 


My Dream Woman = Strong, Confident, Secure, Calm, Cool, Fun, Goal-Oriented, Self-assured, Motivating, Takes Charge, Regal, and is Beautiful! 

To my surprise, when I evaluated my list of credentials. I realized that I was already a lot of these things but there are still a few characteristics that I need to work on; such as being secure with myself, and being able to walk away from things. 

Let me open up about my flaws......

My problem is that I always want to be considered the “nice girl” and remain a sweetheart. I didn’t realize that I could remain a sweetheart without compromising my own happiness. Being a nice girl doesn’t mean that you have to be everybody’s doormat. You can still stand up for yourself with grace lol. I realized that I seem to have a hard time saying no and freeing myself from situations that may not be the best for me. Mostly because I like to remain loyal but I need to learn to differentiate loyalty from being plain stupid. I'm slowly working on ways to improve these flaws and I'm getting a step closer to fully becoming the woman of my dreams.

How does one figure out what their dream woman looks like?

Here is how I started. On a piece of paper. I took a few minutes to write down a few characteristics that my dream woman would possess. I was surprised to find that I possessed most of these characteristics. I began to filter out which characteristics already existed within myself (keep those characteristics) and which characteristics I still had to work on.

Please keep in mind that working towards being this great woman is a constant process.  As you keep walking through your own life journey, you'll find yourself closer and closer to being the woman that you've always dreamt of being. She is already inside, you just have to bring her out and you do this by constantly paying attention to your likes, dislikes. Figuring out who you are and remaining true to that.