Don't Box Yourself In

It's been a little while since I wrote a confessions of a fashionista post. Lately I've been feeling super uninspired and boxed in. I feel as though people look at me in certain way and I always feel pressured to live up to their standards. I always feel pressured to look right and act right, (whatever that means). Over the weekend I came to the conclusion that I was done living for other people. I made that declaration after my divorce, but it seems that in the back of my mind I was still looking to people please. I'm done trying to please everyone and I'm done feeling boxed in. As a statement or declaration, I bought a pink wig. Using the wig as inspiration, I created a look that I felt was outside of the box. This look is super different from what I'm used to but I just needed a new creative outlet that really matched my mindset. 


I won't wear this look every day but I love being versatile and being able to try new things. Often times when you try to do something different people always have something to say. I got negative feedback about the look from family and some followers. I just don't want to hear it lol. I feel that fashion is being able to experiment and try new looks. Of course I'm not going to wear a pink wig on a daily and if I choose too there is nothing wrong with that. 


For anyone who is reading this, don't feel as if you have to be boxed in or stay one way. We are meant to change and grow. We are meant to develop and find new ways. As long as your're not harming yourself or anyone else. Something as small as a hair color change, an outfit change or even something as big as a lifestyle change is often needed. Sometimes we need a break from our normal lifestyle or look and thats okay. If you're like me and you feel boxed in.

Her are some ways to unbox yourself:

1. Try something new

Whether it's a new class, hairstyle, new look, or a move. Just do something different. 

2. Make it clear to yourself that you have one life to live and you can't spend that pleasing others.

Often times, people make judgements forgetting that this is your life. Again as long as you're not harming yourself or others then there is no need for anyone to judge or criticize a unique change that you have made. 

3. Be confident in the change

For me I didn't think too much about other people when deciding to rock a pink wig lol. All I thought to myself was how amazing it would be if I could pull of this hair color. Then when the judgement came. That is where my true confidence was tested. I could have deleted the images and acted like this pink wig was never worn, but instead I decided to keep the images up and be confident in the hair color change. I personally think that I looked pretty fly and no one could tell me differently. When you reach that level of confidence you become UNSTOPPABLE. They always say, if you're not ready to be talked about, then you're not ready for success. 


I hope that this post has helped someone struggling to live for themselves or to go and do something outside the box. I say go for it, life is too short to be worried about what other people think. As long as your actions are not harmful to yourself or others, then do it and be confident in the decision.