Does a woman have to dress modest in order to be respected?

We're a judgmental and superficial society. Naturally people will judge others based upon physical appearance. Although not everything is what it seems. First impressions can dictate how a person views another person until they have a chance to get to know that individual. The reality of the matter is that, we will not be able to get to know not every person we meet on a deeper level; that's why appearance is key. I always say, dress how you want to be addressed. For example: If you're a professional and want to be addressed as such, then your wardrobe must reflect this.

Lets get to the meat of this post. Unfortunately you can be a truly respectable woman but in our society if you're a woman and you dress a certain way people will judge you based off of your attire. The select few people that get to know you will eventually see that you are more than what you wear, but again only a select few will have that opportunity. In my opinion I believe that yes, a woman needs to dress appropriately in order to be respected. By appropriate I don't mean like a nun, but covered up enough, not showing the intimate areas. Based on our society people respect presentation. Although you may be a respectable woman, if you dress risqué people won't view you as a respectable. If our society looked passed appearance then I would say yes wear what you want, but based on our society it best to always dress how you want to be addressed.

This post is truly hard to give a concrete answer because as women we should be free to wear what we want but I based my answer solely on the society that we are apart of. As my mom says, prevention is better than to cure. It's better to dress decent and have peace that to dress provocatively and be harassed. Do you agree with my conclusion or do you have another opinion?  Let me know what you guys think, comment below.