Are black women overlooked by black men?

I believe that African American women are overlooked, especially by African American men. African American men seem to gravitate towards women of other races. Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to like what they like. Where the line gets crossed is when men, especially African American men begin putting down African American women and begin to elevate women of other races. Below I'm sharing my personal experiences with this subject. 

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As an African woman growing up sometimes I did feel inadequate or overlooked because guys seemed to generally gravitate towards lighter skin women or women of another race.

I remember freshmen year of high school this boy told me that I just made his color scale. I asked him what he meant and he explained to me that he doesn't date girls darker than me. He said that if I was any darker he wouldn’t date me because he usually only dates light skin girls. I felt shocked, embarrassed for him, and sad because of his mindset. I couldn't believe that at such a young age this kid thought like this. As I grew up I would see the same mindset in a lot of African American men. They generally spoke highly of women from other races, especially Spanish women. Their reason mainly boils down to how women of other races treat African American men. They feel women of other races really cater to their men, and have respect for their men. In my head I'm like so do African American women. I mean of course in every race there are good and bad apples but you can't write off a whole group of women just because of one bad experience. Apparently it's a real mindset that a lot of men, especially African American men have. I couldn't understand how an African American man could over look their own when their mothers are African American. It was all hard to understand. 

As I got older I went through a few more instances where African American men would explain why they would choose a woman of another race over an African American woman. At first hearing these things would bother me, but eventually as I got wiser I realized that the right man will cherish you as you are, and make you feel adequate. Knowing this helped me to feel at peace and believe in love. After all you don't need to be every man's cup of tea, you only need to be one mans cup of tea for life. 

Comments and ideals like what i've experienced are common and unfortunately reveals how ignorant some men can be. As women, especially African American women, we have to learn not to take it personal. We have to have the mindset that whatever man is meant for us will love us as we are. Yes it would be nice for that man to be a black man or African American man but if not it’s okay. Just be with someone who appreciates what you bring to the table. Leave your thoughts below.