29 Things To Know About Me

1.       I’m Ghanaian American-both my parents are from Ghana west Africa and I was born in Brooklyn NY

2.       I’m an Aquarius (Jan25) the best astrological sign ever!

3.       My favorite color is pink, although I also love white, gold and  black

4.       I love to swim, I swear I should've been born a mermaid

5.       I have a huge heart and often put others needs and wants before my own. It may be a good characteristic but it often gets me heartbroken and taken advantage of so I’m learning to balance it.

6.       My favorite artist is Beyoncé so if you happen to get any Beyoncé concert tickets I’ll be more than happy to tag along.

7.       I love to laugh and smile-If you can make me laugh we can be best friends lol

8.       I can eat like a man, but I keep it all in check through discipline, proper eating habits, and consistent exercise.

9.       The top countries on my list to visit are Ghana, Greece, Maldives and Barbados.

10.   I love to dance, wow this should have been first on the list! Dancing to me if freedom, dancing is therapy, and as a friend of mine says: dancing is universal. It makes everybody feel good, well at least those who are not shy and have rhythm lol

11.   I’m a Christian and being rooted in my faith keeps me grounded. Jesus truly is my guiding force in life.

12.   To some, this might be contradictory to number 11 but I really like Kanye West as an artist. I hope he recovers from what he’s going through. Prayers up!

13.   My favorite designer brands are Roberto Cavalli and Oscar DelaRente (rest his soul). I love the edgy sex appeal of Roberto and the elegance of Oscar, both designers merge my style precisely.  

14.   I have a degree in biology and currently work as a microbiologist.

15.   I started my first blog in 2012 

16.   Clearly, I’m a lover not a fighter. Keep the drama elsewhere. We can’t be friends if you’re the dramatic type!!!

17.   I love scary and action movies

18.   My  favorite food is oxtail with rice and peas, yummy!!

19.   If I see that something is on the side of your mouth I will notify you lol (people find it annoying, but I’m only looking out for them, anyhow thank me later)

20.   I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m learning to control me emotions (rolls eyes lol this generation doesn’t know how to love)

21.   I hate being the center of attention unless it’s mandatory for a job or for something quick like a presentation.

22.   I’m more of a homebody and go out if I really have to 

23.   I like to be in groups and get to know people but truthfully most times I like to be alone.

24.   I find fashion, music, and art to be the most natural and therapeutic forms of expression.

25.   I love to write letters, I love to write period!

26.   True love to me is everything, if you find genuine love hold on to it and do right by it. It’s so hard to find that type of love now a days.

27.   I love children, maybe one day I will open a daycare

28.   When I was a young girl I wanted to be a pediatrician and a fashion designer. I wanted to create the most fashion forward scrubs ever lol

29.   I just love spreading positive vibes and making everyone I come across feel encouraged. Being a good person rocks, don’t ever let anyone change you; even if they do you wrong. Remember God see everything!


Thank you all for reading 29 things to know about me. It was fun to share this with you all