I lost my booty!!

I lost my booty is such a funny post title, but it's the truth. I really lost my booty....ahhh!!!!  My gluteus Maximus used to be round, defined, and plump. Now, my booty is a bit flat, but at least I have something to work with. I want my booty to be more defined exactly the way it used to look before I lost all the weight. 


Where did my booty go?


I lost most of the definition in my booty because I was doing a lot of cardio and less weight training. Cardio is a great way to shed pounds, but you need to combat cardio with weight training in order to gain muscle and keep things toned. I definitely missed that memo and kept doing excessive cardio. Before I knew it my butt just kept getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Well I'm exaggerating, but my booty definitely shrunk in size compared to how it used to look, and I want it back. Thankfully my Booty by Letler kit has come to the rescue.

Melissa Letellier is the owner of Letler Fit and she also went through her own booty dilemma, which is what prompted her to create Letler fit. As we are still early in the year, it's the perfect time to begin a regimen and begin getting our booties back! As I've kept up with the plan, I do notice some good changes. My booty is gaining back it's plump exterior and it's lifting. I'm super excited to keep going on with this 3 month plan.


Yes, 3 months is the duration of the letter fit program, unless you plan on spending thousands of dollars with doctor Miami. Three months will get you a nice plump booty, the natural way. Think of it this way, if you start now, by summer you will be killing it out here lol. 

Leggings by: https://www.pinkshadebykimberly.com

Leggings by: https://www.pinkshadebykimberly.com

If you do happen to order your own copy of the Letler Fit, don't hesitate to let me in on your progress. I will also do my best to keep up with my progress via insta-stories and snapchat so follow along at elizabethrhonda. Until next post.

Stay Blessed.

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