Garlic Tea?

Last week I came down with a cold after trying to be cute in the brutal cold weather during my photoshoot. I felt like I was dying lmao I know i'm pretty dramatic but it was horrible. I was out of work for a few days and when I went back to work it seemed like everyone was in the same predicament.

I was talking to one coworker and he was telling me and another lady how he had pneumonia a few weeks back. He started to share with us about how his parents would make him drink ginger tea with garlic. Me and the other lady were flabbergasted, we shouted out garlic?? It was pretty dramatic and because of this I had to research for myself. I found whole bunch of stuff about this Jamacian garlic and ginger elixir that really cures your cold. Being the blogger that I am I just had to try it and see if it works. i was still feeling pretty congested in my chest so it was the perfect time to try, and it definitely works. Its best to drink it at the initial sign of a cold as many times as you want per day. If the cold persists for more than a week consult your doctor. 

Here is the recipe:


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