A donut a day keeps the doctor away

They say a donut a day keeps the doctor away. Well no one really said this lol but it might help. I personally do my best to eat healthy and keep my weight down, but there are times when I like to have cheat snack. What better snack than a fresh donut topped with my favorite toppings.


I recently created a new segment of content for my blog and youtube channel. In this segment I find local business that offer unique products and services. I usually see the service and interview the brand to get more feedback about the unique services they are offering.


My fIrst business in this segment is donuts first located in Atlantic Highlands NJ (185 FIRST AVENUE, ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ). Some of you might be wondering where that is and don't worry I had the same thought. The donut shop is located near sandy hook beach, which is super fun because after a long day at the beach people can stop by donuts first and get a nice donut to carry themselves into the night. What makes donuts first unique is the fact that they offer customizable donuts. This means that customers can put whatever toppings their taste buds desire.  


I had an amazing time interviewing Peter and I'm thankful that he allowed us to capture his business and share his amazing donut creations with you all. I hope that you guys enjoy this new segment. To see more from how the donuts are made to the interview with Peter. You can watch this by clicking the video below. Stay Blessed until next post. 

Be Fearless with Tomboy X

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. I'm super passionate about my dreams, goals and visions.


I always strive to align myself with people and brands that share the same ideals. Tomboy X is a brand that is fearless and brave in providing underwear that fits regular bodies and embodies how they feel about themselves. I love the fearless attitude in wanting to go against the grain and do something different. There are plenty of underwear brands, but this brand makes a statement by not only creating wonderfully crafted and comfortable underwear, but by sending a positive message.


The message translates that everybody should feel comfortable in their own skin, regardless of where the fall in the size or gender spectrum. I love it. 

I personally have not had any body image issues, I actually love my body. In loving my body, I do my best to keep in shape and maintain and healthy weight and toned figure. There are many people who have self image issues and who hate their body. It's nice to see a brand that is making people feel good about themselves, especially in an intimate way. Remember, being fearless and loving yourself starts from within. Do your best to compliment yourself and keep the mentality that you are enough. 


Unicorn Festival Recap

Over the weekend I attended the unicorn festival sponsored by Winky Lux through Vetterview. The event was held in Coney island which is somewhere that I've never been. Upon hearing the name of the festival I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if I would be seeing a lot of glitter, unicorns flying all around. I really didn't know what to expect or how to dress. I was torn between keeping it simple or going all out and I went with keeping is simple.


The event was held in the Coney Island Art Walls. Upon my arrival I received a VIP bracelet as well as a cute little kitten purse filled with cute gifts. Below is the performance line up. I was super excited to see Justine Skye. 


There were a few art walls, booths where you can do cool things like get face glitter paint, and of course unicorn blow up dolls.


Overall I had a good time visiting Coney island for the first time, and I enjoyed the event. I hope that next year this event gets bigger and I will definitely step up my outfit game lol.


Dancing is Life!

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in once again. I love to share bits of my life with you all. As you know from reading several of my blog posts, I'm no stranger to giving you all the inside scoop about my life.

Fitness and dancing is a huge part of my lifestyle and my weight loss. I wanted to share some choreography that I helped put together along side Marissa https://www.instagram.com/risspisskitty/ 
fitness instructor and owner or real rhythm dance fitness https://www.instagram.com/realrhythmdancefitness/.

I take Marissa's Zumba class on Thursday nights at my gym and was honored to help put together a routine to Maleek Berry's hit Kontrol.

I hope you guys enjoy this video and follow Marissa at https://www.instagram.com/risspisskitty/


How I organize myself to shoot multiple looks in one day

There is a lot that goes into blogging and a lot of people are not aware of this. People get the misconception that bloggers get free stuff and just look pretty. Although that can be part of the process, blogging is much more than just that. For me organization is key. I always need to stay on top of posts and creating looks. In order to do both I like to shoot multiple looks one day. In this video I am sharing how I got about keeping myself organized to carry out a successful photo shoot. If you like this video don't forget to share, and subscribe.

It's Finally Here

The video for my latest event is finally here. Im excited for you all to see, especially those attend.

The Background Story

For over a year I had been extremely busy planning for this showcase entitled, The Style Showcase. The showcase was a merge of Fashion, Music, and Art with live performances, a live catwalk, a mixer, and the ability to view the museums art gallery. The event was put on to give back to Kids Connection http://www.teaneckresourcecenter.org/... and the Teaneck Resource Center. I'm all about putting on events with purpose and that gives back to the community. I hope that you all enjoy this video and if you are in the area for my next event I hope to see you all there.