A donut a day keeps the doctor away

They say a donut a day keeps the doctor away. Well no one really said this lol but it might help. I personally do my best to eat healthy and keep my weight down, but there are times when I like to have cheat snack. What better snack than a fresh donut topped with my favorite toppings.


I recently created a new segment of content for my blog and youtube channel. In this segment I find local business that offer unique products and services. I usually see the service and interview the brand to get more feedback about the unique services they are offering.


My fIrst business in this segment is donuts first located in Atlantic Highlands NJ (185 FIRST AVENUE, ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ). Some of you might be wondering where that is and don't worry I had the same thought. The donut shop is located near sandy hook beach, which is super fun because after a long day at the beach people can stop by donuts first and get a nice donut to carry themselves into the night. What makes donuts first unique is the fact that they offer customizable donuts. This means that customers can put whatever toppings their taste buds desire.  


I had an amazing time interviewing Peter and I'm thankful that he allowed us to capture his business and share his amazing donut creations with you all. I hope that you guys enjoy this new segment. To see more from how the donuts are made to the interview with Peter. You can watch this by clicking the video below. Stay Blessed until next post.