Style Challenge

Hey Kings and Queens, welcome to my blog. I’m super excited because I just relaunched my blog and I’m super happy with the way it came out. It’s always gratifying to see your own design and hard work come to life.

If you haven’t had the chance to explore my page. I’ve recently added a shop section on my website. I added this section because I love to wear fresh, unique and eye catching garments. I wanted to bring this love that I have for clothing to my fellow fashion forward Queens. Sorry Kings, I don’t have stuff for men just yet but soon.

I have this one particular item that I’ve been wearing a lot. As you have seen, snake skin is super fashion forward this fall and I brought snake skin legging to the website. Now I’m challenging other stylish women to take a hand at styling these leggings in their own unique way. Keep reading to see the challenge details.


Lets get into this challenge:

For this challenge I’m calling for my fashion forward Queens to Style These Leggings in their own unique way.

Entry Details:

1. Use code: STYLECHALLENGE at checkout and pay $6.90 for shipping. Once you have paid the shipping, the item will be shipped to you.

2. While waiting for the item, think of unique ways to style these leggings.

3. Once you have photographed your look please send the images to Please include at least six images. Please submit images by 12/28/2018.

4. I will post the entries on my Instagram for people to vote and select a winner. Once I tally up the votes, I will announce the winner.


  1. The selected winner will receive $50.00 voucher to shop my website

  2. The selected winner will also receive a ton of makeup products from black radiance beauty.

  3. The selected winner will also receive a featured post on my blog. Please be sure to submit 6 images.

IM SUPER EXCITED for this style challenge and I really hope that you ladies participate. I can’t wait to see how you style these leggings. Fellas if you are reading, please encourage your girlfriend or any female friends to enter this contest. I Love you guys to pieces. Until my next post.

Peace and Love my King and Queens.



Ways to style a simple black dress

I'm super excited to be able to bring you ladies new pieces. I've been busy asking around, stalking trends and just doing the best that I can to bring quality pieces to my website. A lot of the feedback that I received during my research was that women wanted a lot of transitional pieces. Items that they can wear in more that one way. I tried to get a few pieces that were transitional like this simple black dress. It really is a basic little black dress, but this dress is a gem because it can be styled in many ways. Below are a few images of how I styled this dress to give you a visual idea of how you can also style this dress. You can shop this item now on my website via this link: . 

7583920000_IMG_0352 (1).jpg

Wear this dress with your favorite blazer or jean jacket for a chic and stylish look. 

7583920000_IMG_0325 (1).jpg

Style this dress under a skirt and wear it as a tank. No one will even detect that you are actually wearing a dress underneath.

7583920000_IMG_0291 (1).jpg

Style this dress as a top and wear it under boyfriend jeans as a tank or throw with a blazer. 

7583920000_IMG_0305 (1).jpg

To see a few additional ways to style this piece please see the video below.


A blast from the past!

Hey gorgeous welcome back to my blog. For today's post i brought back a fashion trend from the past. this trend is acid wash jeans. I was cleaning out my clothing and found these jeans laying in the drawer. I thought to myself why not bring these back. 


These pants of course brought me back to the 80's and to style these pants I had the perfect components. I recently scored this "born to slay" pleather jacket from boohoo for only $9.00 and I knew that it would fit with the edginess of the acid wash jeans. Of course to play off of the pink on the jacket. I had to wear pink shoes, I just had too! I wore these pink velvet shoes that gave this look the right pop of color. To finish the look I wore a crossed front bodysuit with aviator shades. I love the rough yet feminine feel of this look. What do you think, did I nail this look?

Comment below.


Issa Date

Date Night is a time for you and your hunny to get away from life, the kids and have an experience for just the two of you. For me, when I think of date night I think about doing something together that we never get to do. This is the time to really show out and get sexy. Being inspired and basking in the ambiance of date night I've created four looks that are sure to get you boo's attention. I hope that you enjoy this look book.

Comment and let me know which look is your favorite.. 

A Summer Dress In Fall?

Fall is here but with this weather that we've been having it's kind of still feeling like summer. As I was packing away some of my fall clothing, I noticed a summer dress that I never got to wear. I thought to myself how much of a waste it was that I didn't get to wear this dress. Then a lightbulb came on in my head, and gave me an idea that would allow me to wear this dress at least once, before putting it away.


The idea that came to my mind was to wear a long sleeve top underneath this spaghetti strap dress to make it fall appropriate. For this look, I went with a nude long sleeve bodysuit. I felt the bodysuit would give a seamless look rather than any other long sleeve top. It was a pretty good idea seeing as I was able to wear the dress while staying warm; especially as it got chilly during the evening. Tip: If you don't like the off shoulder look, you can choose any other bodysuit that has sleeves and will look good underneath your summer dress.


To style this dress I kept things in the neutral department. I kept all the components super simple.  I went with a suede belt that enhanced my figure and also keep everything even more sleek and fitted. I went with a beige clutch that had a tassel detail, which gave the look some movement and a little more personality. To finish off the look, I went with nude pumps that sort of matched with the top. I think everything color wise went nicely together. 


I think that this was a pretty good idea. This idea allowed me to wear this dress one last time; all while staying warm. Please give me your honest feedback, did I slay this idea or is this a hot miss? Comment your thoughts below. 

As the season transitions, make your summer shoes fall appropriate.

Hey Gorgeous, welcome to my blog. There is a period in fall where it still feels like summer. This is the time where you want to still wear your shorts and sandals all while staying warm. This look that I've created is one of many looks where you can still rock your summer items and look fall ready.


For this particular look I wanted to wear my summer shoes. In order to make my summer shoes more fall appropriate. I went with a black long sleeve ribbed bodysuit. Wearing a long sleeve top with your summer shoes is an easy way to reflect what's happening as the weather is transitioning.


As I feel that fall is a more edgy, in your face type of season ( at least when it comes to fashion). I've added a bit of edge to the look by wearing thigh ripped jeans and round burgundy black sunglasses. To play off of the burgundy in the shoes, I went with a fierce burgundy alligator print shoulder bag, with silver detailing. 


This looks screams I'm gearing up for fall but I still know it's warm out. Another look that you can create as you transition into the fall season is wearing a sweatshirt with shorts and either boat shoes or flip flops. This still gives the same transiting into fall idea. For any additional transition into fall look ideas. Please don't hesitate to contact me or drop a comment below. 


I hear it's fall, but it still feels like summer.

Hey gorgeous, welcome back to my blog. I purchased this skirt in early august, right as summer was nearing it's end. I barely got to wear it, which was a real bummer. As summer was ending, I thought to myself. Well as the weather is still a bit nice why not find a way to keep wearing this skirt until the weather really breaks and becomes chilly. In order to make this skirt a transition piece I simply opted to wear black pumps instead of sandals, and a long sleeve lace off shoulder top.


In order to make this loud print, flowing skirt that screams summer more fall appropriate. I decided to go with black pumps or any closed toes shoe. Wearing a closed toe shoe deceives the perception that this skirt is a "summer" skirt. It makes the skirt feel more fall appropriate. To add to the deception, I wore a black long sleeve lace off shoulder top.


By wearing a dark color such as black you take away from the brightness of the skirt (just a little bit). The skirt will always be the focal piece because it's extremely beautiful but with the addition of the black lace and pumps (two items that scream fall).


I ended up with a look that still has a hint of summer but gets your head adjusted to the idea that fall is approaching. For additional look, tips and trick. Don't hesitate to contact me or simply drop a comment below. 


DIY: How I created my rebirth photo shoot outfit

I recently took one month to clear my mind and heal from a few things that still had a hold on my heart. I took time to clear my mind and work on new content. 


While coming up with content I decided that I wanted to return to social media with symbolic images that represent how I feel after taking the time to heal. In order to make this vision come to life I decided to create the entire look from scratch. I wanted the look to reflect purity, and regal beauty. I made everything myself besides the necklace and bracelets. See video. Glasses Review

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. I hope you all are having an amazing morning. I'm so excited to bring you guys this review on my new glasses from I love this frame and many of the frames that they have on their website. I never thought that I would like a large frame with my facial features, but it looks great. The online process was seemless and I love that I can avoid long lines at my nearest eyeglass store.

Currently Firmoo is offering my viewers a chance to buy one pair and get one pair for FREE using this link to create your code
I know that you will enjoy your glasses as much as I do.  If you do decide to go on a get a pair of glasses, don’t hesitate to share your experience. Most glasses without prescriptions are less than $39.00 so you're getting great value at a great price point. Take advantage of the buy one get one free code and if you do happen to make a purchase please share your experience with me. See the video review and how I styled my glasses down below. Love you guys!!

Printed Passion Look Book

This look book entitled printed passion, was inspired by Michelle Williams of destiny's child. She has been killing instagram lately with all of her printed looks. I was was super inspired by her, and  decided to create my own looks that incorporate print.

Each look that I've created has some sort of print detail. This first look was inspired by Rihanna in the latest wild thoughts video. The scene where she had the red off the shoulder top, headband, sunglasses and printed pants. Instead of copying her look, I made it my own. I used printed pants and wore a white off the shoulder top. I left out the bandana but wore bright orange sunglasses which played off of the orange in the pants. I really love how the small details came together to create this look book and the print adds a nice pop.

Checkout the full look book via the video below, enjoy. Don't forget to comment, share, and subscribe.

Something Funky

As I said via Instagram, something funky is on the blog today. Not that kind of stink, but something fun, unique and different. First and foremost I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. You are awesome, amazing and beautiful. For today's look I've created an outfit that is outside of what I would normally wear. I'm really excited because I'm trying to be more unique when it comes to my styling abilities, but of course I always want to remain true to my personal style. Im growing in my sense of fashion, and I love the feeling. 

This outfit consists of shine, rips, and suede, how fun! I was sitting down one day shopping online as usual and I came across these pink sunglasses from of course forever21. I love the color pink and I love that these glasses have sparkles inside the outer perameter. 

For this full outfit I was really set on wearing a top that has some shine. I felt like it would pair well with these fun suede shoes, and your girl was right. Let me know what you think. Was this top a hit or miss with this look?

Aren't these shoes to die for?

Well maybe not to die for but their super fly. 

Outfit Information

The Camouflage Series

I haven't created a look book in a while and I was inspired by Camouflage. Here goes my Camouflage look book. There is also a special treat, I created a short film for this look book that is now live on my channel, and is available to watch if you scroll down. 

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3



Which Look Do You Like Best? See Full Look Book Below...

Rihanna Look Recreation

I'm really excited about this look. I've been itching to do a look recreation and I've chosen to recreate a look inspired by the one and only fashion Killa herself Rihanna. I love Rihanna, her style is unique and effortless which is the direction I also want to go.

I always want to be a trendsetter like my girl Riri. I actually saw this look while browsing through some magazines and I instantly knew that I wanted to recreate it. The only problem was finding the  right components to recreate the look and still let my personal style shine.

I kept searching and couldn't find the perfect sweater to recreate this look. After a while I put the look recreation on hold. One day I was randomly shopping on and saw this chunky sweater dress. I actually wore it last week in my post "the perfect outfit for those chilly spring days". I instantly became excited because I knew that I could also use it for my Rihanna inspired look recreation.

I love this sweater because you can wear it with pants but also by itself. It's the perfect piece for those semi cold spring days where the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. This sweater allows you to keep warm and stay stylish. 

This sweater is a dress is a bit long. To minimize the length I simply hold one side. It also make you look cool  and adds some swagger to the look, at least in my opinion it does. Did I do this look recreation justice? Comment your feedback below.

The perfect outfit for those chilly spring days

Living in New Jersey the weather has a mind of its own. One minute it's hot like fire and the next minute its cold like winter. Since the weather can't seem to make up it's mind, it's always best to be prepared. I recently went on a shopping spree online and purchased a few pieces from I bought myself this knitted sweater dress. I love this sweater dress!! It's the perfect piece for those chilly spring days. It keeps you warm and gives you a cool modern look. 

Pink and Olive, why not?

Pink has been my favorite color since a little girl and olive is one of my favorite colors to wear. I love how pink is super bright and feminine, and then I love how subtle yet vibrant olive is. For today's look, I thought to pair pink with olive. I actually love the two colors together. Both colors seem to balance each other out and flows nicely. 

It's not a must but with this particular look it also helped that the material of the pants and top were similar. The material is like a suede cotton mix. I just love how this look came together both in color and texture. To style this look, I wore minimal jewelry and beige fringe heels. I like that the beige color of the heels held up with the earthy tone of the olive but still fits well with the brightness of this pink. The beige heels gave the right color finish and also textural finish. 

Quick Tip: If you're wearing a low cut top and you feel as if you might be revealing too much. Simply had a long necklace or some sort of body jewelry to take the attention away from the exposed skin. 

Golden Fantasy

As you all can see, I'm definitely feeling myself in this golden jumpsuit from amiclubwear. As soon as I saw this jumpsuit I knew that I had to wear this and style it for the blog. This jumpsuit is super flattering and hugs every curve, which I love. One secret of mine to having sex appeal without having to look provocative, is by wearing body hugging clothes. When you wear clothes that hug your natural curves; that's just as sexy as showing a lot of skin. It's probably even sexier because it leaves more to the imagination. I'm big on having sex appeal without having to strip down and wearing body hugging clothes such as this jumpsuit is my secret. Thank me later!

I had to take advantage of this gold jumpsuit and put together a look inspired by foxy Cleopatra, a fictional character played by Beyonce in Austin Power's Gold Member.  The afro was definitely in order, and I'm loving it. What do you guys think about this look?

The latest in fashion with brand Stylewe

As you all know from following my style. I'm always doing my best to stay up to date with the latest brands and designs. I came across this new brand called Stylewe and upon viewing their website there are already a few pieces that I would love to snag. I'm always having a battle between wanting to save money and wanting to splurge. Stylewe is the type of website that makes me want to splurge, because there are so many cute pieces. 

A Few Of My Favorite Pieces

My favorite piece from this brand is this batwing dress. I love that this dress has many characteristics. It's an avant guarde, free form, dark, flowy, and creative dress. All of these characteristics and textures caught my eye and I definitely want to splurge on this piece. 

Summer is fast approaching and it's definitely time to stock up on those party dresses. Party dresses like this all white and gold accented two piece skirt and banned top. Omg, this is such a cute set and I have a few all white parties to attend this summer. This set will be perfect to keep me cute and cool in the summer heat. 

Don't get me started on jumpsuits, a girl can never have enough jumpsuits. Here are a few jumpsuit options from their website. 

Stylewe is definitely a brand to watch. They have many cute pieces that are super unique and fun. Definitely check them out and if you do shop with them, let me know how you like your items.

When he asks for nudes

I can't say that it's a ritual but I always like to start off the spring season with a nude look. For me nude is everything. I love to mix different shades of nude in one look. For today's look I kept it real simple. When putting a look together I always choose a focal piece and style the look accordingly. For this look my focal piece was the shoes. I found componants that would fit nicely with my focal piece. I hope that makes sense, I will be putting together a style video for my channel that better explains my styling process. 

I can't get enough of these furry heels. Aren't they gorgeous, and the addition of the fur bag also adds a nice touch. 


The Spirit Of Coachella

We just finished Coachella and I always love the spirit of this event. Everything feels free, calm, cool, and collected. Everyone is happy to enjoy the music in the Cali sun. I heard Beyonce was supposed to perform this year but being that she's preggers it couldn't happen. I wish I was in LA for coachella but possibly next year (crosses fingers). While I let my imaginations of coachella run free. Here is a look I created inspired by the mood of this spring festival. 

Look 1


OMG how cute are these shoes from Ami Clubwear. As you can see my entire outfit was centered around this shoe. I love how festive, bright and fun these shoes are. They represent the overall feel of Coachella perfectly. 

Look 2

This second look is super cool and has the free element of Coachella. I always love florals this time of year so this floral cover up is perfect. To keep the look very concert friendly (hypothetically speaking). I went with a simple cream tank, light washed jean shorts and burgundy sort of wedged style heels. These shoes are super comfortable and doesn't hold back on the style. For jewelry I decided to wear a simple silver bracelet with a white stone and two random silver chokers. I like to do things like that at times to add a bit of edge to my look.