Pink and Olive, why not?

Pink has been my favorite color since a little girl and olive is one of my favorite colors to wear. I love how pink is super bright and feminine, and then I love how subtle yet vibrant olive is. For today's look, I thought to pair pink with olive. I actually love the two colors together. Both colors seem to balance each other out and flows nicely. 

It's not a must but with this particular look it also helped that the material of the pants and top were similar. The material is like a suede cotton mix. I just love how this look came together both in color and texture. To style this look, I wore minimal jewelry and beige fringe heels. I like that the beige color of the heels held up with the earthy tone of the olive but still fits well with the brightness of this pink. The beige heels gave the right color finish and also textural finish. 

Quick Tip: If you're wearing a low cut top and you feel as if you might be revealing too much. Simply had a long necklace or some sort of body jewelry to take the attention away from the exposed skin.