I hear it's fall, but it still feels like summer.

Hey gorgeous, welcome back to my blog. I purchased this skirt in early august, right as summer was nearing it's end. I barely got to wear it, which was a real bummer. As summer was ending, I thought to myself. Well as the weather is still a bit nice why not find a way to keep wearing this skirt until the weather really breaks and becomes chilly. In order to make this skirt a transition piece I simply opted to wear black pumps instead of sandals, and a long sleeve lace off shoulder top.


In order to make this loud print, flowing skirt that screams summer more fall appropriate. I decided to go with black pumps or any closed toes shoe. Wearing a closed toe shoe deceives the perception that this skirt is a "summer" skirt. It makes the skirt feel more fall appropriate. To add to the deception, I wore a black long sleeve lace off shoulder top.


By wearing a dark color such as black you take away from the brightness of the skirt (just a little bit). The skirt will always be the focal piece because it's extremely beautiful but with the addition of the black lace and pumps (two items that scream fall).


I ended up with a look that still has a hint of summer but gets your head adjusted to the idea that fall is approaching. For additional look, tips and trick. Don't hesitate to contact me or simply drop a comment below.