As the season transitions, make your summer shoes fall appropriate.

Hey Gorgeous, welcome to my blog. There is a period in fall where it still feels like summer. This is the time where you want to still wear your shorts and sandals all while staying warm. This look that I've created is one of many looks where you can still rock your summer items and look fall ready.


For this particular look I wanted to wear my summer shoes. In order to make my summer shoes more fall appropriate. I went with a black long sleeve ribbed bodysuit. Wearing a long sleeve top with your summer shoes is an easy way to reflect what's happening as the weather is transitioning.


As I feel that fall is a more edgy, in your face type of season ( at least when it comes to fashion). I've added a bit of edge to the look by wearing thigh ripped jeans and round burgundy black sunglasses. To play off of the burgundy in the shoes, I went with a fierce burgundy alligator print shoulder bag, with silver detailing. 


This looks screams I'm gearing up for fall but I still know it's warm out. Another look that you can create as you transition into the fall season is wearing a sweatshirt with shorts and either boat shoes or flip flops. This still gives the same transiting into fall idea. For any additional transition into fall look ideas. Please don't hesitate to contact me or drop a comment below.