A blast from the past!

Hey gorgeous welcome back to my blog. For today's post i brought back a fashion trend from the past. this trend is acid wash jeans. I was cleaning out my clothing and found these jeans laying in the drawer. I thought to myself why not bring these back. 


These pants of course brought me back to the 80's and to style these pants I had the perfect components. I recently scored this "born to slay" pleather jacket from boohoo for only $9.00 and I knew that it would fit with the edginess of the acid wash jeans. Of course to play off of the pink on the jacket. I had to wear pink shoes, I just had too! I wore these pink velvet shoes that gave this look the right pop of color. To finish the look I wore a crossed front bodysuit with aviator shades. I love the rough yet feminine feel of this look. What do you think, did I nail this look?

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