Get The Most Out Of Your Item

Often times we forget that we don't need to keep buying, buying and buying. We can utilize a lot of the pieces that we already have in our closets and wear them in more than one way. I've put together an example of how to utilize an item more than once. Learning this habit will maximize the usage of your clothing and will decrease spending tons of money on new clothes. A general rule of thumb is to purchase minimalistic pieces or wardrobe staples. These are are the perfect pieces to wear in more than one way, simply because they are neutral and provide an open canvas. This dress called ruby rose by Bella B.Rose Boutique is the perfect item to use for this example. This dress is a clean minimal item that can be styled in many ways. I have created three looks utilizing the ruby rose dress. Look one is actually my favorite out of the three, but when you see the other looks you can decide. Please comment your favorite look down below. 


Look 1: Peaks of denim

I love this look because the styling is more unique and I love the idea of adding hints of denim. 

Look 2: The Dress Shortened

I love to play around with pieces, and I actually found that this dress can be shortened. If you flip the dress in ward you can actually go from a long conservative dress to a fun flirty party dress in just minutes. I have shared a small video of how I shortened this dress via my instagram at elizabethrhonda. To style this look I went a bit edgy and added a black and gold dual choker set with a medium sized corset belt and black three strap heels. 

Look 3: Simple and Classic

One can never go wrong with a simple and classic look. To style the dress I simply wore gold accessories and gold pumps. I kept this look all about the dress and of course my curves lol.

See how you can make the most out of this dress because it's a minimal piece that can be styled in many ways, and giving you more for your money. 

 Which look is your favorite? Please Comment Your Selections Down Below :)