A Summer Dress In Fall?

Fall is here but with this weather that we've been having it's kind of still feeling like summer. As I was packing away some of my fall clothing, I noticed a summer dress that I never got to wear. I thought to myself how much of a waste it was that I didn't get to wear this dress. Then a lightbulb came on in my head, and gave me an idea that would allow me to wear this dress at least once, before putting it away.


The idea that came to my mind was to wear a long sleeve top underneath this spaghetti strap dress to make it fall appropriate. For this look, I went with a nude long sleeve bodysuit. I felt the bodysuit would give a seamless look rather than any other long sleeve top. It was a pretty good idea seeing as I was able to wear the dress while staying warm; especially as it got chilly during the evening. Tip: If you don't like the off shoulder look, you can choose any other bodysuit that has sleeves and will look good underneath your summer dress.


To style this dress I kept things in the neutral department. I kept all the components super simple.  I went with a suede belt that enhanced my figure and also keep everything even more sleek and fitted. I went with a beige clutch that had a tassel detail, which gave the look some movement and a little more personality. To finish off the look, I went with nude pumps that sort of matched with the top. I think everything color wise went nicely together. 


I think that this was a pretty good idea. This idea allowed me to wear this dress one last time; all while staying warm. Please give me your honest feedback, did I slay this idea or is this a hot miss? Comment your thoughts below.