The latest in fashion with brand Stylewe

As you all know from following my style. I'm always doing my best to stay up to date with the latest brands and designs. I came across this new brand called Stylewe and upon viewing their website there are already a few pieces that I would love to snag. I'm always having a battle between wanting to save money and wanting to splurge. Stylewe is the type of website that makes me want to splurge, because there are so many cute pieces. 

A Few Of My Favorite Pieces

My favorite piece from this brand is this batwing dress. I love that this dress has many characteristics. It's an avant guarde, free form, dark, flowy, and creative dress. All of these characteristics and textures caught my eye and I definitely want to splurge on this piece. 

Summer is fast approaching and it's definitely time to stock up on those party dresses. Party dresses like this all white and gold accented two piece skirt and banned top. Omg, this is such a cute set and I have a few all white parties to attend this summer. This set will be perfect to keep me cute and cool in the summer heat. 

Don't get me started on jumpsuits, a girl can never have enough jumpsuits. Here are a few jumpsuit options from their website. 

Stylewe is definitely a brand to watch. They have many cute pieces that are super unique and fun. Definitely check them out and if you do shop with them, let me know how you like your items.