Ways to style a simple black dress

I'm super excited to be able to bring you ladies new pieces. I've been busy asking around, stalking trends and just doing the best that I can to bring quality pieces to my website. A lot of the feedback that I received during my research was that women wanted a lot of transitional pieces. Items that they can wear in more that one way. I tried to get a few pieces that were transitional like this simple black dress. It really is a basic little black dress, but this dress is a gem because it can be styled in many ways. Below are a few images of how I styled this dress to give you a visual idea of how you can also style this dress. You can shop this item now on my website via this link: www.elizabethrhonda.com/shop . 

7583920000_IMG_0352 (1).jpg

Wear this dress with your favorite blazer or jean jacket for a chic and stylish look. 

7583920000_IMG_0325 (1).jpg

Style this dress under a skirt and wear it as a tank. No one will even detect that you are actually wearing a dress underneath.

7583920000_IMG_0291 (1).jpg

Style this dress as a top and wear it under boyfriend jeans as a tank or throw with a blazer. 

7583920000_IMG_0305 (1).jpg

To see a few additional ways to style this piece please see the video below.