Rihanna Look Recreation

I'm really excited about this look. I've been itching to do a look recreation and I've chosen to recreate a look inspired by the one and only fashion Killa herself Rihanna. I love Rihanna, her style is unique and effortless which is the direction I also want to go.

I always want to be a trendsetter like my girl Riri. I actually saw this look while browsing through some magazines and I instantly knew that I wanted to recreate it. The only problem was finding the  right components to recreate the look and still let my personal style shine.

I kept searching and couldn't find the perfect sweater to recreate this look. After a while I put the look recreation on hold. One day I was randomly shopping on prettylittlething.com and saw this chunky sweater dress. I actually wore it last week in my post "the perfect outfit for those chilly spring days". I instantly became excited because I knew that I could also use it for my Rihanna inspired look recreation.

I love this sweater because you can wear it with pants but also by itself. It's the perfect piece for those semi cold spring days where the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. This sweater allows you to keep warm and stay stylish. 

This sweater is a dress is a bit long. To minimize the length I simply hold one side. It also make you look cool  and adds some swagger to the look, at least in my opinion it does. Did I do this look recreation justice? Comment your feedback below.