Jetsetter: Miami Vlog

I know Miami is a common place to travel but I wanted to share the experience through my lens. I wanted to show you all what I saw while being there. I think it's great to go on solo trips. Although I went to Miami before it was years ago, I was underage and we didn't get to visit a lot of popular places. It was nice for me to come back and really experience the vibrancy of Miami.

I stayed at Tradewinds Hotel Apartments which was a beautiful place to stay. It was peaceful and I love the apartment setup. As I was in Miami for 5 days it was easy to buy groceries and cook verses eating out everyday.


The apartment also included a free shuttle pickup from the hotel to the airport and vice versa. The only downside to the shuttle was the hours. The earliest shuttle was 8 am and the latest was I believe 12 pm, which makes it hard if you're arriving or departing for a flight at odd hours. Thankfully, I had a friend to take me back to the airport but luckily for us Uber and Lyft are available. 


While in Miami I really wanted to work with a few brands. Since my flight was delayed I was unable to work with a hair company but I did get to work with a brand called Lockbox Apparel  we set up a small photoshoot in the Wynwood Art District. It was super fun working with a meeting Leila one of the owners of lockbox apparel. She was gracious enough to let me choose a piece that I loved to share with my blog viewers. The photographer AJ, who I worked with was gracious enough to show me around. I went to little Haiti and had conch(snail) for the first time. It was yummy!!!


In all, I had a great trip, I learned a lot about myself and others while being down there. I would recommend traveling solo, it's a lot of fun and very inspiring.

I tried my best to document as much footage of my travel experience during my time in Miami.

I hope you all enjoy.